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Friday, October 13, 2017

October 9-13 2017

This week was the last week of our Bread Study! The kids have done such a great job with this study and have been having so much fun!

To finish up our Bread Study we spent this week making our own recipe! We talked about all different things that could go into bread, and then the kids decided what we should put in ours. I then asked them how much of each ingredient should go in. They created this recipe all on there own! They told me the flour needed "a little more than three of those cup things" and the oil needed "one spoon" Miss Jackie and I were super impressed with their recipe! We made it up on Friday and got to taste it. It turned out great! The bread was a bit dense and moist from the apple sauce, but tasted very good! I even brought it around for all the other teachers and staff at Joyful Noise to try and it got a big thumbs up! If you would like to make this recipe with your child, we did end up adding 1/3 cup more water and 1/3 cup more applesauce than we have written on our recipe.

Our Letter of the Week this week was Rr!

We did an entry for our Journals this week. We will do entries throughout the year and add them to our Journals.

We played a fun game where we rolled a die, counted out that many beads, and then had to "feed" our Tennis Ball guys!

We played with our Froogz again this week

We made some Googly Eye Monster Wreaths this week too! Take a look at them in our classroom windows!

We also got out our playdough, lots of the kids were making letter R's with theirs!

On Thursday we went and played at Central School

Ceci was mixing up some bread

Lots of fun with a big box in the Rec Room!

The kids have also been having fun replaying a game that Miss Chantal taught them in Music Class