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Friday, August 4, 2017

July 31- August 4 2017

Happy Coast Guard Week! We had a lot of fun this week. We went downtown and looked at the big ships, checked out the carnival, and worked on a red, white, and blue art project!

On Monday we had a picnic snack, and then played, at Central School.

On Tuesday we went down to look at the big ships. We sat and ate snack while checking them out. Then, when we were getting ready to leave, the helicopter flew in and they were practicing rescues in the water! The kids had a blast watching that!

I took a video of the helicopter below, make sure your sound is not turned up too loud because it is VERY loud!

Miss Sally got us some really cool Big Wheel bikes to use outside!

We worked on a fun American Flag painting this week. We did this as an art project, but also to see how well the kids could follow directions. I talked with them about how the American Flag should look, I made an example and hung it on the wall for them to see, and each child had 2 paint brushes (one for each color) and we talked about keeping the colors separate so their paint didn't turn purple!

 Luca brought in some watermelon pops to celebrate his birthday!!

Tatum looking stylin'!

Henry and Ty are excited to get to play together at the Dome!

Friday, July 28, 2017

July 2017

July has been a busy and fun month so far! Here are some pictures of our month!

Nolan and Ben being Vampires

Sammy brought in popsicles for her birthday treat!

Max and Lucas built a tower out of the big blocks, but it kept falling down.

So, they had the idea to put blocks around the base to help hold it up.

The finished product!

 Wyatt made a car ramp!

 Enjoying some ice cream at Central School!

Tatum isn't a fan of ice cream, so she brought some m&m's  to enjoy!

Max brought in popsicles for his birthday treat!

We had tons of fun at the Splash Pad!!