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Sunday, December 10, 2017

November 27-December 1 and December 4-8 2017

So sorry for the delay in blog posts! We have been so busy in class and have so many fun things planned its been tricky to sit down on the computer!

November 27-December 1

Our letter of the week was Uu!

We used our letter stamps and stamp pads to try and spell out our names

We also practiced writing our names, all the kiddos are getting really good at making the letters in their names!

We worked with those tricky pop beads again! The kids are getting better and better at putting them together!

We practiced making shapes with rubber bands on our geoboards.

We put up our classroom Christmas tree

And our small tree that the kids can decorate and play with during free play

The kids have been wanting to listen to the Moana soundtrack everyday. They have been having some great dance parties!

On December 1st we started our classroom Advent calendar. Each day has a fun art project, science experiment, game, or other fun activity for us to do that day!

Our first activity was to make tissue paper sun catchers in the shape of Christmas lightbulbs! We used contact paper to stick the tissue paper onto. The kids thought it was fun picking out their colors and sticking them down!

Be sure to check them out in our windows!

December 4-8

Our Letter of the Week was Vv!

We practiced tracing some shapes, and then tried our own on the back of our paper

And we took a try at a Christmas tree dot-to-dot, it was tricky!

We worked together to sort these gems by color

We practiced our fine motor skills by using tweezers to decorate these Christmas trees with beads.

I got out our Christmas Cutting Basket and the kids have been having a blast using wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, tape and more to wrap up some of the toys in the classroom.

It looks like Santa has already been to the 4' room, thanks to the 4's class elves!

One of our Advent tree activities was to do Christmas Light paintings, make sure to check them out by the stairs outside our room!

We also used beads and pipe cleaners to make candy cane ornaments to go on our class tree.

This was also a great activity to work on patterning skills!

Another fun activity/science experiment from our Advent tree was to make these awesome crystal star ornaments! The kids started out by picking which color pipe cleaner they wanted, then we formed it around a star cookie cutter. Then we tried on a string and hung it over a cup. I then heated up some water and dissolved borax into it. Then poured it into the cups covering the stars. We had to be patient and wait until the next morning to see how they turned out!

You can see some crystals forming on top of the water

Connor adding his star to the tree

Our decorated tree, and ever growing pile of presents!

The kids have been using their imaginations and working together to build this animal zoo almost everyday this week!

All of the kiddos have been excited that we are starting our Music Study! Clara has been bringing in different instruments to share and for us to look at. So far she has brought in a ukulele, tambourine, and a didgeridoo!