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Friday, January 17, 2020

January 13-17 2020

Our Letter of the Week this week was 'Kk'!

We did a Journal Page about a time when we felt sad

 Lots of practice matching up rhyming words!

We took turns rolling the feelings cube and talking about the different emotions that came up. I also showed the kiddos pictures of different emotions and we talked about how we thought the people in the pictures were feeling.

Hard at work using teamwork to build a puzzle!

I got out our big classroom rain stick and showed it to the kids. We then took some paper towel rolls and made our own rain sticks!

We read the book 'Salam Aliakum' by Harris J (which is also a song!) and in the book they start painting a mural. We decided that we wanted to do the same and painted a mural! The kids asked me if I could paint the Earth in the middle for them.

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Lots of love in the 4's room!!