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Friday, November 16, 2018

November 12-16 2018

Our Letter of the Week this week was 'Gg'!

We practiced some patterning with a fun fruit game

We also worked on our grouping and counting skills with our counting bears

We played a fun graphing game too!!

We also practiced our counting and comparing skills while building towers

The kids were hard at work trying to get more kernels of corn off our cobs!

We worked on matching some rhyming words

 We also sorted some objects by which season they come from

We played a fun "Roll-A-Turkey" game!

We also did a Journal Page describing how we would disguise a turkey at Thanksgiving time!

We used play dough to add some feathers to these turkeys!

We also put some feathers into a strainer turkey!

The kiddos were super excited to be able to play in the snow! (even though there was only a tiny bit out there!)