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Friday, March 16, 2018

March 19-23 2018

Our Letter of the Week this week was Jj!

We did a fun patterning page where we had to cut out the pieces and then glue them into the correct place.

We used the light table to mix colors and see what different color combinations make!

We counted out some shapes and made pizzas!

 We started working on this big giant poster

Monday was Superhero Day!

Clara made Supergirl!

Wyatt made Captain America!

Ceci made Elsa!

Claire made Superman!

Tuesday was Crazy Hair day!

Thursday was Pajama Movie Day!

We made up tasty popcorn to eat while we watched Moana!

Hard at work building a Leprechaun trap

We decorated a box and propped it up with a ruler and some playdough. We put some pennies in there to lure the Leprechaun! He was too sneaky and got away, but he did leave a treat for all the kiddos!