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Monday, June 19, 2017

June 12-16 2017

We finished up our Student Led Teaching this week and got a start on Summer!!

I found a super cute, and easy, idea for making up some Unicorn Horns. The kids have been loving them! They also asked me to share the directions because they wanted to make heir own at home

We used our old "dried" out markers and recycled them into some paint!

Then we did some fun squirt painting

On Friday we made our first trip of the season to Train Park. The kids had a blast!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

June 5-9 2017

This week we worked on numbers 17 and 18!

This week and part of next week we are doing some Student Led Teaching. Each day 2-3 students get to pick a book to read during our Large Group Time and they also get to pick what we do at one of our centers for small group time.

This week the kids picked to play Candy Land,

Play Play-Doh,

Play a fun ice cream cone building game,

Take turns rolling a large die to see what kind of movements they need to do,

Go on a treasure hunt for some letter coins,

Do Lace-and-Trace cards,

Play Hi-Ho-Cheery-O!,

Do a large floor puzzle,

And paint!

Wednesday was Marina's 5th birthday! She brought in some very tasty strawberries and whipped cream for her birthday treat!!

Ben and Nolan have been having tons of fun playing baseball together at the Dome!


Owen and Ty were doing great work matching up these number ice cream cones!

The kiddos know that doing this always makes me and Miss Jackie laugh!